Fun Date Ideas

Where do you go when you want to inject a bit of fun into a date, or are not quite ready to introduce a romantic date setting just quite yet? You hit one of these eight locations for some lighthearted, youthful excitement to share with someone special.

1. Fun Date Idea #1: Amusement Park

Roller coasters, cotton candy and anti-gravity machines are a riot no matter who you are with, so bring a date and explore the merry-go-rounds, old fashioned photos, tilt-a-whirls, and water rides together.

2. Fun Date Idea #2: Arcade

Your favorite old school hangout may offer an inexpensive yet entertaining way to get to know someone better. Most arcades today offer a wide variety of games to play both new and old, providing the opportunity to run a space mission together, whack-a-mole, or even duke it out Mortal Kombat style. An added bonus is when you trade in your arcade tokens for a prize at the end of the night that your date can take home to remember the

3. Fun Date Idea #3: Bowling

It may sound like a typical date idea, but when is the last time you went bowling? Many alleys now offer night bowling events specially geared towards dating couples such as laser bowling or singles leagues. Rent a pair of shoes, let the scoring machine do all of the hard work, and see who can strike out first.

4. Fun Date Idea #4: Comedy / Improv

If breaking the ice is a concern with your date, a comedy show or improv group may offer a solution. Spending the evening together laughing at the live antics in front of you can be a bonding experience, and you’ll have plenty to talk about in between acts and after the

5. Fun Date Idea #5: Dinner Theater

An interactive murder mystery-type dinner theater show is the perfect second or third date get-together. This way, you can interact with each other while participating first-hand in a memorable date neither will soon forget. Or you can try for a night in instead with a mystery board game (Buy Direct) for a similar, fun date feel.

6. Fun Date Idea #6: Interpretive Center

Depending on where you live will determine what kind of interpretive center you will have access to, but most cities and towns have at least one to choose from, such as a duck sanctuary, fur trading camp, salmon spawning center, wetland interpretive center or natural hot springs.

7. Fun Date Idea #7: Planetarium

Not every town has a planetarium, but if yours does it is a fantastic place to hold hands, sit in the dark and explore the universe around you. Some also host weekend star-gazing events, where tour guides will show you and your date how to spot the major constellations. Then, use this information for a romantic date later on down the road – just the two of you on your balcony or in a park, trying to find the big dipper together.