4 more Warning Signs That He is Going to End it

Warning Sign #5: He’d rather spend time with his friends than you
You have to fight with his friends for his attention. Before you were most important in his life. Now his friends are more important than you.

Warning Sign #6: You no longer talk
Once upon a time you would sit and have discussions about everything from the weather to what is happening to the ozone. Now he just answers everything with a “yes”. You no longer have deep discussions.

Warning Sign #7: Friends start asking what’s wrong
Friends begin to notice tension or distance between you. They start asking if everything’s “all right”.

Warning Sign #8: He’s more critical of you
“That’s a horrible dress,” he says. Yet he helped you pick it out only a few weeks ago.

Remember that these are only warning signs and, in fact, your relationship may just be going through a rough patch. Talk to each other first before you do anything you may regret.