5 more Dating Turnoffs What Not to Do on a Date by Joe Tracy

Dating is a lot of fun. You meet interesting people and can find that potential soul mate for life. By avoiding dating turnoffs, you improve your chances of getting a second date along with building dating habits that are healthy for you and your date.

6) Don’t Dominate the Conversation
Dominating a conversation is a big dating turnoff – especially for men. You want to try to make sure that the conversation is balanced. You should be asking as many questions as you are answering. You should be asking follow-up questions to things your date says. Most of all, you should be focused on the conversation and not what you are going to say next.

7) Don’t Lie
When a person lies (whether in their online dating profile, on a date, or while in a relationship) they lose instant credibility. Try practicing being 100% honest with everything in your life. You’ll see major improvements in your relationships, dating life, and self esteem. Lying destroys credibility and potential relationships. Learn to always be truthful in a sincere way.

8) Don’t be Late
Being late to a date gets your date off on the wrong foot. If you know you are going to be late and can’t help it, then call the person in advance. Tell them you are running late, when you’ll be there, and that you are looking forward to seeing them.

9) Don’t Make Decisions for Your Date
Some men think it’s cool to order for their date, when in reality it is inconsiderate. Some women like it, but most don’t. Like you, your date can think for himself/herself and when you take that away from them, the date may see you as being compulsive or controlling. And that’s a turnoff.

10) Don’t Eat Like You’re Starving to Death
On a date, you should eat normal and with proper table manners. If your date sees someone who looks like they haven’t eaten in weeks, it may make them wonder about your lifestyle (and income).