5 Dating Turnoffs What Not to Do on a Date by Joe Tracy

There is a saying that “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression” and that’s especially true on a first date.

When you know how to properly act on a date, you secure a better chance at getting a second date. Learning proper etiquette, however, first requires knowing what dating turnoffs to avoid.

Here are 10 dating turnoffs that you should avoid like the plague:

1) Don’t Get Drunk
Make sure you don’t have one too many drinks while you’re out on a date.  It can be quite easy to lose track how many you’ve had, especially if you’re having a great time.  If you are not sure that you can control yourself, opt for a non-alcoholic beverage instead. Having no drinks is always the safest route to take on a first date.

2) Don’t be a Womanizer.or a Manizer
On your date there is nothing more annoying and disrespectful than a roaming eye targeting members of the opposite sex. Keep your eyes on your date.

3) Don’t Discuss Controversial Topics
Talking about politics, religion or hot debatable topics is a sure way to get off on the wrong footing with your date. It’s also important not to get emotional. Now isn’t the time to share too much.  Don’t talk about your “exes”, and don’t do a rundown of everything that’s wrong with your life (major turnoff).  Keep things light and positive.

4) Don’t Bring a Friend on Your Date
Bringing a friend on your date is an instant way to make your date feel like a third wheel. Unless you are going on a group date, bringing someone else along is disrespectful and lets the other person know you are not truly interested in getting to know him/her. It’s a great way to ruin what could have been a dynamic date with interesting conversation.

5) Don’t Leave Your Cell Phone On
A ringing cell phone is highly annoying a date. Even more annoying is when the date answers the call! Keep your cell phone with you, but turn it off. Never have a friend call you as a way of getting out of a date (“an emergency came up – I have to go”). Instead, just be honest. If a date isn’t going well, do the right thing and end it early without lies. You will be more respected for it.