First Date Ideas

First date ideas are not always easy to brainstorm. Here are some inexpensive, expensive, and extravagant ideas to get your creative juices flowing as you plan the first date:

Inexpensive First Date Ideas:

1. The beach
Take a picnic, a bottle of wine and a rug and spend the day catching the sun together. Or you could take a dip together. All that splashing is bound to be great fun.

2. Picnic by a river
Prepare a basket of goodies, a chilled bottle of wine, and enjoy the day relaxing in each other’s company.

3. The movies
Let your date choose the film. It will show a good gesture if you don’t have the same taste in films. Select a unique theater (i.e. leather seating) to enhance the experience and arrive early to provide plenty of time to get to know each other.

4. Theme park
Big or small, everybody loves theme parks. Triple loop roller coasters, dodgems, etc. is the ideal date for the big kid in us.

5. Eat in
Show off your culinary skills and ask them round for dinner. Don’t over do the candles and music or you may frighten them away.

6. Indoor ice skating – or roller blade in the park
You can lean against each other for balance and warmth.

7. A sporting activity that you both like
If you are both big basketball fans, then take a trip to see a professional basketball game together.

8. Kite flying
It’s a lot more fun than you may think!

9. A trip to the zoo
Everyone likes animals so a trip to the zoo makes for a perfect date.

10. Local museum or art gallery
This is only a good idea if you are both interested in museums.