How to Get a Second Date for Women

The first date went well and the evening has come to an end. Now the question being pondered is “Will there be a second date?”

When preparing for the first date, men and women tend to be focused solely on making a good first impression. As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

While making a first impression is important, so is knowing how you’ll secure that second date if everything went well. Making it beyond the first date is a sign that “hey, there may be the potential for something here.” It’s not appropriate for men to leave women hanging, nor is it appropriate for women not to express how they thought the date went… to their date.

Here is some helpful advice on improving your chances at getting a second date:

Advice for Women

1) Relax and be yourself. First dates always make both men and women nervous. Smile, relax, and enjoy yourself.

2) Be interested but don’t interrogate.  Firing off one question after another might intimidate him.  Give him time to express his thoughts and show him that you are interested by participating in the conversation.  In Confessions of a Matchmaker, one woman was always scaring of her dates because she carried around a list of questions with her to determine if her date was right for her. That scared all the men she dated away. If you have either a physical list or mental list of questions to filter out men, leave it at home. This is about getting to know someone, not having him apply for a job.

3) At the end of the date, express how you felt – “you know, I really had a great time”. This gives the guy a clear signal that you would be open to a second date. If you didn’t have a good time, don’t tell him you did!