How to Get a Second Date – Advice for Men

The first date went well and the evening has come to an end. Now the question being pondered is “Will there be a second date?”

When preparing for the first date, men and women tend to be focused solely on making a good first impression. As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

While making a first impression is important, so is knowing how you’ll secure that second date if everything went well. Making it beyond the first date is a sign that “hey, there may be the potential for something here.” It’s not appropriate for men to leave women hanging, nor is it appropriate for women not to express how they thought the date went… to their date.

Here is some helpful advice on improving your chances at getting a second date:

Advice for Men:

1) During the first date, show genuine interest in her. You should be asking her more questions than she asks you. You should listen carefully to what she says and respond with follow-up questions. It’s a common belief that men don’t like to listen. Prove that belief wrong with your date and learn to always be genuinely interested in what other people are saying rather than what you plan on saying next.

2) During the first date, focus on positive topics. In general, you shouldn’t discuss politics, religion, or controversial subjects. You should discuss things she’s interested in and keep everything lighthearted. Save the complaining for your buddies.

3) Compliment her. On the date, be sure to compliment her, but don’t go overboard. More than three comments is too excessive. On an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker, one guy was doing great until he told his date no less than 13 times how beautiful she was. That scared her away. Excessive compliments can change someone’s view of you from positive to negative.

4) Be inclusive. If it’s obvious your date and you are having a great time and she mentions an interesting activity (i.e. “One of the funnest things I did was go parasailing once”) then comment on it like “that sounds like fun – we should do it sometimes”. A positive reaction from her to your statement is a sure sign she’s interested in a second date.

5) Don’t leave the woman hanging. If you genuinely enjoyed your first date then tell her at the end of the first date that you’d like to see her again. Contrary to popular male belief, women do not like to be left hanging. If the date didn’t go well then don’t tell her “I’ll call you” when you have no intention of doing so. Women prefer for men to be straight up with them. They will respect you more for it.