International Kissing Day

Did you know there’s an International Kissing Day on July 6th (or World Kiss Day)? Me neither, but it sounds like a holiday I’d be happy to celebrate every year.

  • French kisses are more popular in the United States than they are in France!46% of Americans called the French kiss their favorite way to smooch, but only21% of French snoggers said the same thing.
  • The least favorite kiss in America was the air kiss, which received only 1% of the vote. The most popular way to lock lips in France, with 55% voting in favor, was a “single sensual lip kiss.”
  • Americans and Italians have very liberal views when it comes to public displays of affection. 95% of Americans and 90% of Italians said they’re totally fine with PDA.
  • Americans are also the most likely to kiss on the first date. 52% were up for a first-date smooch, while less than half of respondents in European countries said the same thing. Next came Sweden with 47%, followed by Italy (42%), Denmark (37% ), France (32%), and Germany (b%).
  • Most people, wherever they reside, think bad breath is a major turn-off. Other big kissing no-no’s were wet kisses, using too much tongue, a kisses that are too short.
  • There’s another kind of “French kissing” that’s gaining popularity. And no, this kind doesn’t involve tongue. Using a kiss as a greeting is now becoming a common practice outside of France. 55% of Americans say they’ve adopted the French tradition that 95% of French respondents say they use!
  • You say goodbye, and I say hello. Which kiss is more important – the kiss “hello” or the kiss “goodbye?” According to Zoosk’s survey, it depends on where you live. 64% of Americans favored the goodbye kiss, while 84% of French lovers gave precedence to the kiss “hello.”
  • And here’s something I bet you’ve always wondered: What is the most romantic Hollywood screen kiss? The award went to Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling for The Notebook, a kiss they repeated at the MTV Movie Awards after winning the coveted Best Kiss honor.

Can’t wait for International Kissing Day 2013!