Sunmatch Service is launched in the Chicago area!

Introducing Sunmatch Service, an online dating service that connects couples and promotes social networking, matchmaking and conducts personalized workshops. Sunmatch Service is great way to find and meet that special someone that you have been looking for. Sunmatch has a unique platform that guides you through finding that special person in your life all online. They also have a unique online store where you can purchase gifts and unique items.

“I decided to create Sunmatch Service to help lonely people connect and promote social networking”, states Sunmatch Lady Founder of the online dating site. She also went on to say, “Launching it in Chicago where I am from is really exciting and I am excited to get the word out there.”

To learn more about Sunmatch service matchmaking and how you can get the first 3 months as a free trial period you can visit them on the web at,