Quick Guide to Online Matchmaking

The idea of searching online for potential romance, really?  It sounds easy, exciting and frightening all at the same time. Online dating is not a unique process to find love anymore but you need to have the right site you feel comfortable with and that is responsive to your needs. There are several factors that you should consider before logging on and searching for that special someone!

1. Have fun with it! Have a positive attitude when writing your profile and statistics. Be as detailed and specific as you can or even want to be. Remember it is your profile so be honest and put out the information you want to share.

2. Be aware of biases to political, religious or sexual orientation you do not want to offend anyone.

3. Be cautious of who you respond to and how many times you respond to someone you don’t want to look desperate.

4. Don’t jump to conclusions about someone and if inurn it happens to you DO NOT BE OFFENDED! Remember this all on-line and the person has not even met you yet. 

5. Make the first date when it comes down to that a daytime event and try to avoid alcohol or anything that will impair your judgment. You want to really get to know that person.

6. BE HONEST! If it is not a fit, let it go nicely, everyone expects that and it’s easy and quick. If it does not work out remember “Rome was not built in a day”, be patient.

7. Go for it…you truly have nothing to lose and everyone is looking for love and this is the new way…

Have fun dating…Sunmatch lady!